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Lecture 5

Dr. Iam Palatnik de Sousa

Catholic University of Rio

LIME for Medical Image Classification

An application of Local Interpretable Model Agnostic Explanations (LIME) is described for two case studies: Metastases and Malaria classification. Some of the key challenges of using LIME for this purpose – most notably the instability of explanations – are discussed, as well as some potential solutions. Namely, a genetic algorithm based solution called EvEx, where explanations are evolved as the average of a Pareto Front, and Squaregrid, a parameterless rough approximation. The results seem to show that EvEx finds more consistent explanations for regions of high explanatory weight, and that Squaregrid could be a viable way to diminish the need for segmentation parameter fine tuning.

There are no assignments for this class.

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